Comedy Club

8th of February at 7.30pm

Will Hannigan

Closing Act

Will Hannigan has been touring all over Canada since he started performing stand-up comedy at 18. He has a commanding, conversational presence on stage. He talks about family, working, practicing alcoholism and recovering from all that practice. He has had appearances at the Just For Laughs NorthWest Festival and Grindstone Comedy Festival. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @willyhannigan.

Winter Foenander


Winter Foenander endured his name for many years until finally Game of Thrones made it even more irritating. Following many unfortunate events, Winter decided to do all the show biz things every successful entertainer does; performing in squats, festivals, tents and the usual comedy clubs, in many locations around the world. He’s got jokes and is willing to travel. He wrote his first solo show “Aside Effect,” in 2017 for the Edinburgh Fringe and is now writing another by the “Power of GreySkull,”. As well as a hectic touring schedule he’s writing his first a Radio & TV sit-com. An energetic, likeable and interactive comedian whose comedy is surreal, silly, dark and sometimes wholly improvised.

Rob Speight

Supporting Act

Rob has performed across the South-East, Wales and the northern territories. He recently completed six nights at the Brighton Fringe Festival. His comedy is described as “very clever, and well written“. He avoids one-liners but enjoys saying words in an increasingly random order to audiences who either wish they were somewhere else or who journey with him towards an inevitable, if long winded and over thought, punchline.

Chester Constable

Supporting Act

Application pending for level 3 Comicon access, Chester Constable’s failed romances, uninformed film reviews and unwavering loyalty to the bullies that moulded him makes for an enjoyable evening of comedy.


14th of March at 7.30pm

Line Up Coming Soon


11th of April at 7.30pm

Line Up Coming Soon